Imagine Science Films at Cineglobe


Join us on the afternoons of Thursday and Friday, March 20 and 21, at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, for a special Imagine Science Films-curated program at the CineGlobe Festival! Following the overall theme of this year’s festival “Beyond the Frontier” these are stories that take us, at turns, beyond the earth, beyond traditional computing, beyond death, beyond the cell wall, and beyond the surface of Autism. Each in a different medium, from documentary, to science fiction, to data visualization.


This Is and Is Not a Film (Jessica Brillhart, documentary, 6 min, USA)
ON/OFF (Thierry Lorenzi, narrative, 14 min, France)
Someday Somewhere Beyond (Jonathan Minard, documentary, 20 min, USA)
TSH Receptor on Red Blood Cells (Monica Zoppè, science visualization, 4 min, Italy)
Veronika (Mark Michel, experimental documentary, 7 min, Germany)
Worlds: The Kepler Planet Candidates (Alex Parker, science visualization, 3 min, USA)
We Will Live Again (Josh Koury and Miles Kane, documentary, 12 min, USA)
The Crononaut (Désirée Haupts, narrative, 14m, Switzerland)

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and Q & A with featured filmmakers and scientists Alex Parker, Désirée Haupts, Monica Zoppè, and Mark Michel.